Five reasons not to miss La Monnaie’s world premiere of Frankenstein

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Taking opera as a contemporary art form which reflects our current society, Frankenstein makes for a gripping example of how philosophical and ethical questions on the advances of biotechnology and modern medicine can be flawlessly integrated into a musical production. Grey and Ollé tasked librettist Júlia Canosa i Serra with converting the novel into a modernised opera production, moving away from the more simplistic Hollywood adaptations. As a key fixture of the science fiction genre, Shelley’s Frankenstein evokes a dystopic retelling of the Greek myth of Prometheus; of artificially creating man from clay. When applied to today’s context, this Augustan story is more than comprehensible when matched against notions of genetic engineering, selective breeding, assisted reproductive technology and social media. Timely, pertinent and more than relevant, La Monnaie’s Frankenstein is not to miss.